Bonnie & Clyde


My second time directing a show and have a thoroughly wonderful time doing it. My technical team and I wanted something ambitious from the outset, to really showcase our collective skills. We started with our research and wanted the multi media aspects of the show to be accurate. We projection mapped aspects of the how that set scenes and also provided historical facts throughout. The sound effects were authentic, to the noises of the care and in complete 5.1 for the audience to be truly immersed in a gunfight.

The artwork was created to highlight the violence and the love story at the centre of the piece. Almost a grin from Clyde and the demure femme fatale that is Bonnie, allow the artwork to be playful and evocative. Our leading lady was a blonde for the shoot and so I had to change the hair coloring post production (in order to be historically accurate) and we didn’t have the wig that would be used in the show at the time. I wanted to give the element of a threat by breaking up the title with the shotgun barrel coming through as though pointing at the audience.