Rocrite DJ’s

Rocrite DJ’s play R&B, Dancehall and Hip Hop across a number of clubs in Liverpool. They required a logo and a poster for a night at Camel Club.
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What We Did Next

A group of friends, myself included, got together five years ago and began on setting up a theatre company based in Liverpool city centre. As one of the founding members I have been in charge of the company brand, from its creation to its promotion. The company was about moving away from our past with our university theatre groups and move forward, producing exciting theatre that is not necessarily put on. The branding for the company reflects that, highlighting our journey is a somewhat tongue in cheek way that shows the evolution of man into Fred and Ginger. The website has had a number of incarnations over the years, the current redesign is built on WordPress framework, with a responsive design and functionality including membership and calendar modules. The template is designed to be responsive There are a number of projects within my portfolio that have been undertaken for What We Did Next: Company RENT Spring Awakening The Last 5 Years Into the Woods Bat Boy Carousel  
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The LUST & LUDS years

My time at University let me meet those fabulous species of people known as actors. The Liverpool University Student Theatre (LUST) & the Liverpool University Drama Society (LUDS) have been putting on performances for years and it was deemed that we should start producing more professional looking marketing material, as photocopied pieces of A4 on yellow paper, cool as it was, looked a little 90’s. The following collection of posters etc, was my first foray really into design and are projects that give me some great memories of performances and most importantly, so many of the wonderful people I met.
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