Into The Woods

Into the Woods is Sondheims re-imagining of classic fairy tales and as well as creating the artwork I was also the Wolf in the production tasked with seducing Little Red Riding Hood and ultimately being gutted. I love old books and I wanted to create something that looked like the books I read as a child and embracing the darker side of fairytales.
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The Reckoning

Over the years I have done a few jobs for the very talented Felix Hagan. He is imaginative and always doing something exciting, but not only that, always gives an interesting brief. The Reckoning is a concept album for a musical that Felix had written both score and the book. It takes place in a castle, where a group of people fleeing an imminent danger meet, and tell their stories while the enemy gathers outside the castle doors. He wanted the artwork to be elegant and regal, but blood soaked. I sketched “The Reckoning” first (I’ll update the artwork if I can find that sketchbook) and then transferred to Adobe Illustrator. I would love to put the show on one day, maybe even direct it, but it is always difficult to get the busy songsmith to commit his time. Here is one of my favorite tracks from the album: More of Felix’s music can be found here.
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